Community Series Kickoff - Aug. 15th


Join the STEMed Labs Community on August 15th (3pm-4:30pm) and come learn about programs and our mission. If you have a passion for learning and sharing your knowledge, please join us in our movement to create free and open curriculum for all!

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What Is STEMed Labs?

STEMed Labs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Austin, TX dedicated to improving educational opportunities in our communities. Our goal is to serve as an incubator for novel, cross-disciplinary approaches to STEM education. We partner with schools, teachers, parents, and industry to build a sustainable, grassroots model of delivering innovation in education.

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Our Mission

To increase opportunities for children to have exposure to innovative and experiential science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs independent of their geography or socioeconomic status. By engaging the next generation of STEM professionals at a young age, we can help produce a stronger and more competitive workforce ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.
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We're Featured On NPR Marketplace!

We partnered up with 3 Day Startup to run their first ever program with Austin area high school students. We were lucky enough to have NPR’s Marketplace cover us.

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Interested in innovative, community driven STEM classes targeted for kids 5-12? We’re expanding STEMtastics this Summer to address growing interest in science, math, and engineering from our youngest scientists!!


We’re working with various schools and organizations in the Austin area to improve Computer Science and STEM opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.




May STEMtastics with East Austin Children’s Promise

We launched our STEMtastics program this April and immediately received a tremendous, positive response from the community. So much so, that we are already expanding the program and building partnerships with schools in the Austin area. We are excited to announce that we will be working with East Austin Children’s Promise to offer a series of STEMtastics classes at East Austin College Prep this May!

In line with our community driven grassroots model, the classes will be led by volunteer educators using open (Creative Commons licensed) curriculum developed specifically for this partnership. Students will get to learn about topics ranging from lungs and breathing to water adhesion. They will participate in hands on activities that will nurture their natural curiosity to learn and explore.

We are looking forward to this opportunity to work with East Austin Children’s Promise to grow and expand STEMtastics. It promises to be a fun-filled, STEMtastic May!

STEMbridge 2015 funded by KDK Harman Foundation in $56,000 grant!!

We are very happy to announce that STEMed Labs’s STEMbridge program was funded as part of Akins High School T-STEM Academy’s summer programming by a grant from the KDK Harman Foundation. The grant sum is $56,000. Thank you KDK Harman!

This represents a milestone for Akins High School and STEMed Labs in a partnership that will ensure the continuation of the most rigorous, college-ready summer computer science program for High School students in Austin. The course covers computer architecture, material typically taught to Electrical/Computer Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate students in university.

In light of this announcement, applications for the program will open shortly from now. Please be on the lookout for an announcement when they will go live. We are looking forward to share this unique experience free of charge with our Central Texas students this summer.


The STEMed Labs Team