STEMed Labs Ambassador Program

Student leaders in STEM education

What are STEMed Labs Ambassadors?

STEMed Labs Ambassadors are a team of exceptional student leaders and mentors that are passionate about STEM education. They are motivated learners that want to help promote STEM programs by supporting their creation/growth, sharing their own knowledge with peers, and serving as leaders in the community. 


What do ambassadors do?

Ambassadors are selected on a semester basis and become directly involved with our programming efforts by:

  1. Aiding in program ideation / development: Each accepted ambassador will be assigned to a STEMed Labs Program Coordinator that is actively running or developing a Lab during the semester. Ambassadors become a part of the team, and may even participate as peer mentors during the program.
  2. Being involved with program direction: The Ambassador team will have the opportunity to select a member to attend monthly program committee meetings and also propose ideas that they believe would be valuable for STEMed Labs to pursue. In this manner they are active contributors to the organization, and serve as representatives for the student communities we impact.


What are the requirements?

Requirements to apply to become an ambassador include:

  • Being a sophomore or older at the start of the Fall 2016 semester
  • Having a genuine interest in giving back to the community and promoting STEM education
  • Having an interest in one of the STEM topic areas that we are looking for Ambassador support (varies by semester). For Fall 2016 this includes:
    • Computer Science / Engineering
    • Human Anatomy
    • Physics
    • Math (particularly the application advanced math in things like cryptography, statistical modeling, etc.)
  • Scheduling availability to spend (on average) 2-3 hours a week for Ambassador commitments

Why become an ambassador?

Benefits of serving as an Ambassador include:

  • Having an opportunity to hone leadership skills as well as be seen as a student-leader in the community
  • Acquiring and exercising teaching and mentoring skills that will beneficial to your future
  • Making a real, lasting difference in your community.
  • Being part of an exceptional group of student leaders in Central Texas.

Program details

Ambassadors for Fall 2016 will be considered on a rolling basis until August 31st. We encourage interested students to apply sooner so that we can match them with their Program Coordinators and begin preliminary discussions. The application process includes:

  1. Submitting an online application (link below)
  2. Selected applicants will be asked to schedule a phone interview with a STEMed Labs Program Coordinator

All applicants that conduct a phone interview will be notified of final decisions no later than August 31st.

Apply to become a STEMed Labs Ambassador!

Being a STEMed Labs Ambassador is a unique opportunity for you to gain leadership skills while making a real impact.

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