A Bright Future in STEM

We live in an ever-changing and evolving world that is constantly looking for the best and brightest minds to lead the way. Here at STEMed Labs we are preparing our students to meet the challenges ahead and guiding them towards a successful future. There is no doubt...

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Learning by Doing: Human Body Unit

Last fall, we hosted an interactive STEMtastics unit focused on the human body. This core session, led by passionate STEM teachers, allowed the students to delve into topics such as blood cells, nephrons, and neurons, with a hands-on approach. The instructor's love of...

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Learning is Limitless at STEMtastics!

Our first fall unit for STEMtastics, The Human Body, has been an amazing success!  During the course of our core component classes, our little scientists have investigated neurons by becoming chemical messengers themselves.  We learned about how our bodies process...

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Preparing for SustainIT STEMbridge 2016

The end of another school year quickly approaches, and as it does, many students are beginning to look for summer learning opportunities. At STEMed Labs, we’ve been fortunate to work with some wonderful partners over the years to offer unique summer programs that...

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STEMbridge from our TA’s perspective

I can’t believe that STEMbridge is already over! I was the Teaching Assistant this summer and last week was the fourth and final week of this program. I was really nervous going into the first day of STEMbridge. This was my first time working with one of STEMed Labs’...

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