Middle School Genetics

Summer 2017 series

Calling students with the innovation gene!

At STEMed Labs, we know that the most impactful learning experiences put the students in the driver’s seat and simply enable them to run with the ideas that come naturally when exposed to new topics. If you’re a motivated middle school student interested in exploring genetics with a community of like minded peers, join us this July!

Program Structure

Our summer genetics program is comprised of three 4-hour sessions on Saturdays in July. Each session will be divided into two modules (Lab and ILP) as described below. The program will emphasize group work and a “learn how to learn” mentality, where it is expected that groups will perform work outside of the scheduled sessions to conduct research, formulate business ideas, etc. This is NOT a passive learning experience where participants can expect to be lectured at. Quite the opposite, participants will get out what they put in — we’ll be there to facilitate and guide their journey!

  • Lab component – After an introduction into the topic domain, students will form groups and vote on the subtopics they want to explore in more depth. Each group will be responsible for “becoming the experts” on their areas based on various references, and then creating a presentation to help teach what they’ve learned to their peers.
  • ILP component – Students will be introduced to basic entrepreneurial concepts and analyze startups / companies in the industry. Based on these examples, each group will be asked to formulate and pitch a new business concept.

Eligibility and Guidelines

Requirements and guidelines include:

  • Age requirements: Students aged 11-14 are invited to apply
  • Students will need to have a device (laptop or tablet) which they can bring to classes. These will be used to perform research and create presentations.

Schedule and Locations

Location: Asian American Resource Center
Time: 9 am – 1 pm
Dates: Saturday 7/8, 7/15, 7/22
Cost: $50/student
Application Open: June 15
Application deadline: June 30
Notification deadline: July 5

Location details:

  • The Asian American Resource Center is located at 8401 Cameron Road, Austin, TX, 78754

Application are open now!

Please submit a separate form per applicant.

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