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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Austin, TX dedicated to improving educational opportunities in our communities. Our goal is to serve as an incubator for novel, interdisciplinary approaches to STEM education. We partner with schools, teachers, parents, and industry to build a sustainable, grassroots model of delivering innovation in education.

Our Mission:

To increase opportunities for children to have exposure to transformational science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs independent of their geography or socioeconomic status. By challenging the next generation of STEM professionals at a young age to explore and solve real problems, our goal is to unleash purpose driven innovators ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Unique Approach:

Innovation Learning Pathways

We strive to develop unique, individualized experiences for our students with the purpose of not only increasing their interest in STEM, but also instilling in them the motivation for sustainable, self-driven learning outside of the classroom.

Purpose Based Learning

What Our Participants Say

I attended the second half of a four Saturday class on the Raspberry Pi called “Pi Bytes”, by STEMed Labs. The teachers were extremely helpful, even when I sent emails from home, in helping me catchup on what I missed. The teachers knew a lot, and the demos were cool. The class was fun.

Arnav Mohan


[Computer Science] is really not that bad. I know I can handle it…because of STEMed Labs. I’m really thankful for STEMed Labs, they really helped me out. Laura Godinez


I recommend treating anything STEMed Labs offers, as a great learning opportunity. The team is passionate, and extremely talented, and really knows what they’re doing.  My middle-schooler son spent 4 hours with them in a Pi class with some other kids, and learnt a LOT. STEMed Labs is an asset to Austin. They’re good at “getting things done”.  While some of these phrases sound cliched, I mean them sincerely.

Deepa Ramani


I learned that failure is OK and how to work through obstacles as a team. Communication skills that I learned as an ambassador were really cool. You get out what you put in. Having an organization like STEMed Labs backing me up was great. It was great having that support group.

Noelle Rivera

Student and STEMed Labs Ambassador

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