Academy Programs

(Online courses for students 7 and older)

Notice: Due to the current, unprecedented public health crisis with COVID-19, we will be waiving fees for all Academy program participants. The team at STEMed Labs feels strongly that as a global community we should do our best to try and support one another. We want to ensure every interested student has the opportunity to participate and further their education from home during this challenging time.

Online & self-paced versions of our ILP programs

Building on on our experience with the live Junior ILP and ILP programs, the STEMed Labs Academy is a new offering we’re launching in 2020 to allow broader access to our content. Our Academy programs are structured to enable parents and students to consume our curriculum in a self-paced manner from home. We offer an audit and facilitated mode for our Academy courses so families can pick the option that best meets their educational needs. 

Critical Thinking

Exposure to topics and scientific research through online content, papers, and reading assignments.


Assignments that incorporate problem solving, hands-on projects, and experiments


Participants communicate their ideas via writing and presentation assignments


Students obtain continuous feedback from parents / mentors (audit mode) or STEMed Labs staff (facilitated mode)

Participation modes

Select the participation model that works best for you!

Academy programs are designed for students that are either homeschooled or looking for self-directed learning opportunities outside of their traditional classroom environments. In some cases students and parents may simply want access to content / curriculum and are able to take things from there. In others, students and parents may prefer to receive support from our team as they work through the self-paced content. We offer two participation models to address both of these needs.

Audit mode

  • Students that only need access to content
  • Parents / existing mentors provide support
  • Parents / existing mentors help with questions / issues
  • Program cost: FREE!

Facilitated mode

  • Students that need access to content and guidance
  • STEMed Labs staff provide support to students / parents (for Junior ILP)
  • STEMed Labs staff help with questions / issues
  • Program cost: Course fees apply FREE!

Eligibility and Guidelines

Location - World

Academy program content is delivered completely online, so any student is eligible to participate independent of where they live.

Ages 7 and older

Academy courses are offered for both younger and older age groups. While we assume adult support for our Junior ILP Academy programs, this may come from a parent or mentor.

Computer and Internet

Students require access to a computer and Internet connectivity.

Courses coming soon!


  • Learn about how and why certain materials behave the way they do
  • Hands-on activities and experiments
  • Target ages: 7-12

Preview: Course overview

Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Explore the intersection of how the brain works and human behavior
  • Reading, research, and activity assignments
  • Target ages: 13 and older

Preview: Course overview

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While the ILP program covered the topic of sustainable energy in depth, it simultaneously enabled students to learn collaboration and time-management skills. Those skills are practiced and put to use in this program, and are useful tools to use in the future. I would highly recommend the ILP program!


ILP Student

STEMed Labs is a very immersive experience that allows a student to develop their writing and presentation skills. It helps students gain more experience dealing with real world issues, while also developing social skills when communicating with their partners.

ILP Student

I really enjoyed the ILP program as it was an experience in which I not only learned about energy but also how to think properly. As we progressed through the program, my analytical abilities, in my opinion, improved as I had to look at things on both smaller scales and larger scales. I looked at energy powering one house and I looked at a type of energy potenially powering the entire planet. As a result, I was able to expand on my knowledge but also my skills.


ILP Student

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