Thoughts and musings from the STEMed Labs team

Stress in Adolescents

Stress.  The mere word itself can evoke a rapid heartbeat and sweaty palms.  After all, as adults, there are a number of stress-inducing situations we encounter every day.  The idea of stress is pervasive in our society, in media, in self-help books that promise to...

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How do biologists decide what organism to study?

Unlike chemistry or physics, where chemicals and atoms can be manipulated in highly controlled environments, biology must deal with living organisms that come with numerous confounding variables. Scientific rigor in such an environment is impossible unless variables...

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Analyzing the teenage schedule

Over the past few years, the team at STEMed Labs has had the opportunity to work with many high school students from the Central Texas area and beyond. Across those interactions, a topic that has come up quite frequently is the constant struggle students face with...

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The importance of a good theory

There is nothing as practical as a good theory. – Kurt Lewin This blog is inspired by my recent experiences guiding my kindergartener through her first science fair project. My five-year-old has enjoyed reading about electricity and putting together the hybrid lemon...

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The insidious nature of grades

August marks the start of a new academic year for most students in Texas. It’s a transition period where they say goodbye to the relaxing days of summer and return to structured schedules of morning commutes and school bells. What is striking is how many...

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Why personalized learning matters

We all want what is best for our children, our students, ourselves.  We want to be as prepared for the future as possible. However, with the overabundance of information available to us today, how do we decide which learning methodology is best?  More...

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The Rhind Papyrus – Then and Now

We tend to think of STEM as the very essence of modernity. The technology that STEM makes possible has created modern life and is shaping the future. But fundamentally many aspects of STEM, how it defines our understanding of the world and relates to...

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The Fallacy of STEM vs Liberal Arts

Without meaning and direction, how do we decide where to go next to affect the changes we want in life? Here at STEMed Labs, we often speak about a “chasm” which exists between the prototypical educational journey found in the classroom and the experiences...

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