College & Career Round Table Discussions


Our Round Table discussions are opportunities for participants to ask questions and discuss a variety of topics with panelist(s) that are in the later stages of undergraduate studies, graduate school, or early stages of their professional careers in a particular field. The facilitated discussions are geared towards attendees, but examples of potential questions include:

  • How / when did you know you what major you wanted to pursue?
  • What jobs require your degree?
  • What jobs might benefit from your degree?
  • What other majors might I consider if I wanted to pursue a similar career path?
  • Did you have all of the answers when you were my age? If not, do you have them now?
  • How instrumental have internships been in your experience? How did you identify / get them?

Round Table Discussion: Ocean Engineering

This November we'll be hosting our first Round Table Discussion with a student that recently graduated with a degree in Ocean Engeering. Apply today to participate (space is limited)!

  • Date: Tuesday, November 8th

  • Time: 6pm Central Time

  • Location: Online (Zoom videoconference)

Round Table Discussion: TBD

Do you have a specific discipline you'd like to see a Round Table Discussion for? Tell us more!