Junior ILP

Program overview

The Junior ILP program is based upon our ILP program for older students, but with age appropriate modifications for younger participants. It is our belief that the earlier students begin to adopt a proactive, self-driven approach to learning, the better prepared they’ll be for future challenges. The Junior ILP program is structured around predefined topics to provide students with a specific scope for independent study and research. The approach combines in-class curriculum and exercises / tasks that students work on outside of scheduled class times. At the end of each cohort, all participants present their work to an audience of peers and parents.

Eligibility and Guidelines

The Junior ILP program includes in-person class time and is currently only offered to students in the Austin area. Applicants must be at least 7 years old to be considered. Please note that this is NOT a drop-off class. Since our class members are so young, we ask that parents remain on-site.

Hear from parents of students

My son Ryan has been taking courses through STEMed Labs for about a year now and I can not express how wonderfully educational and fun these classes are. The very first course he took was a Genetics course, in which we explored DNA. My son and I, for that matter, will never forget the very first experiment performed in the class. It involved the extraction of DNA from strawberries!! It was absolutely incredible to see the DNA coming out of the strawberries in the form of this long, stringy, noodle-like, white material. Ryan was absolutely amazed, and since then, we have replicated this experiment several times at home using different fruits. I think after that very first class we were hooked to this program.

Katherine and Amanda are the instructors, and I must say they are phenomenal. Katherine presents the material, which could be considered quite complex, and breaks it down in a way in which the children understand and are able to grasp the concepts. They collaborate to come up with interesting and fun hands on experiments, which further reinforce the material covered. To see the joy and excitement on the students faces is truly priceless. Ryan has participated in other STEMed Labs programs, such as an Architecture and a Polymer course. Because it is such an exceptional science program, we will continue to take any STEMed Labs course offered and I would recommend to anyone who has a child interested in science. Amanda Smith

Junior ILP parent

Spring 2019: Biology – Conservation Biology


We are offering a Junior ILP series for students this spring.  Over the course of eight sessions, participants will learn about the importance of conservation in nature.  Specific avenues of exploration and activities include:

  • Biospheres and their function
  • Extinction, captive breeding, and rewilding
  • Causes and potential solutions to saving endangered species

This unit is unique in that students will participate in a number of field study opportunities with scientists working in conservation today.  We will visit a wild cave to discuss the interconnectedness of ecosystems, see live coral, and interact with rehabilitated animals.

ILP Project prompt: Students will research an endangered species and either:

  1. Create a model of its habitat, including threats to it and possible solutions -OR-
  2. Create a public awareness campaign media regarding the species, threat to it, and possible solutions


Location and Schedule

The series will be held at the North Hills Club Townhomes Clubhouse (6527 Valleyside Road, Austin, TX 78731) from 9:30 am to 11:00 am on Thursdays. Classes will begin on March 7 and run through April 25.

Costs and Application Dates

  • Program cost: $80 / student (partial scholarships available based on financial need)
  • Applications open: January 18
  • Application deadline: February 23
  • Notification deadline: February 28
  • Classes begin: March 7

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