Our Programs

Options for a variety of learning goals

We offer multiple categories of programs that cater to different learning objectives and build towards our capstone Innovation Learning Pathways (ILP) program. We encourage younger students interested in ILP to get involved with our organization as early as possible through Academy and Junior ILP courses so that they can develop their research and independent learning skills in preparation for ILP.


Academy courses are structured around specific subjects in math, science, and engineering. They run 12-15 weeks per semester with some programs lasting two-semesters. Academy offerings are intended to help students address specific gaps in their foundational knowledge.

Junior ILP

Junior ILP classes explore predefined topics over eight weeks with a focus on independent study and research. The program structure combines in-class discussions along with out-of-class work that students must complete. Given our belief that one of the best ways to learn is to teach, all Junior ILP participants research a specific assigned sub-topic which they present to their peers.

Innovation Learning Pathways (ILP)

Our Innovation Learning Pathways (ILP) programs are designed for highly motivated students that desire an opportunity to explore advanced STEM concepts while strengthening their ability to formulate and defend their own ideas. Classes run 12 weeks per semester. The ILP Launch class is a required prerequisite for all interested students. Participants that complete ILP Launch with a successful proposal are eligible to apply to ILP Incubate and ILP Accelerate semesters.

Dimensions of growth

In addition to a focus on STEM topics, our program offerings are designed to help students grow and develop "soft skills" so that they can be effective in attacking problems in real-world settings.

Critical Thinking

In-depth exploration of topics through research and Socratic discussions


Exposure to problem solving and experimental design


Written and verbal presentation of research and projects


In-class group exercises and peer-to-peer teaching

Our Students

Where they come from


Gifted and traditionally high achieving students

Aspiring STEM professionals

Our students come from a variety of educational backgrounds and academic interests, but all share a passion for learning and problem solving. Whether participants homeschool, identify as gifted, are an aspiring STEM professional or some combination thereof, we provide a unique opportunity for them to grow and achieve their personal goals.

While we're based in Austin, TX, program participants reside all over the US and the world.


While the ILP program covered the topic of sustainable energy in depth, it simultaneously enabled students to learn collaboration and time-management skills. Those skills are practiced and put to use in this program, and are useful tools to use in the future. I would highly recommend the ILP program!

ILP Student

I really enjoyed the ILP program as it was an experience in which I not only learned about energy but also how to think properly. As we progressed through the program, my analytical abilities, in my opinion, improved as I had to look at things on both smaller scales and larger scales. I looked at energy powering one house and I looked at a type of energy potenially powering the entire planet. As a result, I was able to expand on my knowledge but also my skills.

ILP Student

This STEMed Labs camp really dove deeper into concepts that I had never learned before on a learning level high above mine, but going to the lab and participating in hands-on activities really helped me to understand them. What surprised me most was that our group (of kids) was able to observe, grow, and learn in an adult environment. I think there needs to be more camps like these where adults can trust children to grow and be independent while also learn fun concepts, too.

Junior ILP student

STEMed Labs is a very immersive experience that allows a student to develop their writing and presentation skills. It helps students gain more experience dealing with real world issues, while also developing social skills when communicating with their partners.

ILP Student

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