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Innovation Learning Pathways:

A Training Ground for Future Innovators

The Innovation Learning Pathways (ILP) program strives to provide students with experiences that enable them to realize their potential for creative innovation. Our approach is based upon the observation that science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) represent knowledge work that underlie a variety of existing and emerging solutions to problems we face. However, there are two types of knowledge work: 1) Algorithmic / rule-based tasks (supported by crystallized intelligence) 2) Creative problem solving (supported by fluid intelligence). While the former is rapidly becoming the realm of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), the latter promises to be the domain of future human potential and where our ILP program emphasizes growth and development.

Our Philosophy

When developing our programs, we incorporate a common set of core components and growth objectives. Our components of success are centered around expectations we set for the culture of our activities and discussions and include: 1) Igniting and nurturing an intrinsic motivation for learning and development; 2) Emphasizing autodidacticism as a sustainable engine for personal growth; 3) Creating a shared community and sense of purpose; 4) Instilling a capacity for autonomy and accountability. Our dimensions of growth represent the rubric that we use to evaluate individual development and includes critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Components of success

Intrinsic Motivation







Critical Thinking

Dimensions of growth

Dimensions of growth




Critical Thinking

Our Students

Where they come from

Over the years, we have engaged students with a variety of educational backgrounds and academic interests, but all share a passion for learning and problem solving. Whether participants are homeschooled, identified as gifted, an aspiring STEM professional or some combination thereof, we provide a unique opportunity for them to grow and achieve their personal goals.


Gifted and traditionally high achieving students

Aspiring STEM professionals

Ages we serve

The core ILP program is designed for older students (ages 13 and older), and we also offer an age-appropriate Junior ILP variant for younger students (ages 7 to 12). You can learn more about the details of each on the corresponding program specific pages.

Junior ILP (7-12)

ILP (13 and older)

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