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Our Academy programs follow a similar structure to traditional courses. During the Fall 2020 semester, we will offer a variety of math programs for advanced students. We plan to incorporate additional courses in the future.

Innovation Learning Pathways

The Innovation Learning Pathways (ILP) program strives to provide students with experiences that enable them to realize their potential for creative innovation. We offer a Junior ILP program for students age 7-13 which typically focuses on a specific topic that participants explore and discuss as a group. There is also an ILP program for older students designed to help support them in independent study projects. Students are invited to apply to ILP based upon their performance in our Academy and Junior ILP programs.


Junior ILP

Our Students

Where they come from

Over the years, we have engaged students with a variety of educational backgrounds and academic interests, but all share a passion for learning and problem solving. Whether participants are homeschooled, identified as gifted, an aspiring STEM professional or some combination thereof, we provide a unique opportunity for them to grow and achieve their personal goals.


Gifted and traditionally high achieving students

Aspiring STEM professionals

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