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The target outcome: Creative Innovators

The alluring promise of future career opportunities are often cited by advocates when promoting the benefits of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. The foundation for this mindset is based upon the necessity for knowledge work across a variety of existing and emerging industries. However, there are two types of knowledge work: 1) Algorithmic / rule-based tasks (supported by crystallized intelligence) 2) Creative problem solving (supported by fluid intelligence). The former is rapidly becoming the realm of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) while the latter is the domain of future growth and potential. Unfortunately, while the need for creative innovators is paramount, our present ability to properly prepare students to be successful in this capacity is lacking.

Innovation Learning Pathways

Our Innovation Learning Pathways (ILP) program strives to address the gap between the experiences we believe students need to realize their potential for creative innovation and what they typically get in practice through traditional approaches. While the program comprises many elements, at a macro-level the general philosophy consists of: 1) Nurturing and igniting an intrinsic motivation for learning and work; 2) Creating a community of peers, facilitators, and STEM mentors that fosters risk taking and knowledge sharing; 3) Instilling a capacity for autonomy and accountability so students can forge their individual path forward in a self-directed manner, knowing they have the support of the community behind them.

ILP and Junior ILP programs

We offer our ILP program for older students (ages 13 and older) and an age-appropriate variant for younger students (ages 7 to 12). You can learn more about the details of each on the corresponding program specific pages.

Junior ILP (7-12)

ILP (13 and older)

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