ILP Incubate

Program Overview

ILP Incubate is for students that complete ILP Launch with a successful proposal. In this phase of the ILP series, participants explore three approaches for solving the problem laid out their ILP Launch proposal. This work is structured across three milestones during the semester, and weekly sessions include presenting work-in-progress as well as providing and obtaining peer feedback.

What students can expect

At the end of the course, students are expected to use their incubation findings to select one approach to pursue in further depth through ILP Accelerate. As part of preparing for ILP Acclerate, students will also spend time forming a committee to support their ongoing work comprised of:

  1. A STEMed Labs facilitator
  2. A parent or teacher
  3. An individual with domain expertise related to the selected project (we help students find this external member)
  4. (Optional) A peer committee member (any student that has successfully completed ILP Accelerate)