ILP Launch

Program Overview

The ILP Launch program is a one-semester class where students apply critical thinking skills and STEM concepts by exploring the relationship between real-world problems and science and technology with an emphasis on systems thinking. During the course, participants will explore three topic domains focusing each week on discussing:

  • What: Core problem(s) related to the topic domain along with any broader assumed context
  • Why: The relevance / importance of solving identified problems including expected benefits and potential unintended consequences for stakeholders
  • How: Technological or scientific approaches for solving the defined problem including analyzing their merits and drawbacks

What students can expect

In addition to the three defined topics, during the program all participants will be responsible for identifying and independently researching three topics of their own choosing using the same What, Why, and How framework. They will present and defend their ideas to their peers as well as submit a paper summarizing their findings.

Examples of topics

While they may vary by semester, examples of potential topics include:

  • Sustainability and the growth imperative
  • Digital privacy and surveillance capitalism
  • Spatial and temporal dimensions of equality
  • Engineered versus “natural” life

ILP Incubate proposal

ILP Launch is a prerequisite for ILP Incubate and ILP Accelerate. Specifically, the final presentation and report for ILP Launch will constitute the proposal for students interested in applying to ILP Incubate.