Ocean Science

Program Overview

Does your child ever wonder what is lurking in the depths of the oceans, or how submarines and underwater stations withstand the immense conditions of the oceans? Are they curious about the ecology of coral reefs, the ocean currents that orchestrate global weather patterns, or the thousand mile journeys of migrating whales and colossal waves? If so, this eight session class is an opportunity for them to explore the answers to these questions and learn to understand the ocean as a dynamic system.

Program details

Oceanography is a rapidly growing field as people begin to recognize how important ocean health is to our survival, yet how much we don’t understand about our oceans. This introductory course provides an in-depth understanding of how the ocean is an integrated system, with each lecture strongly bleeding into the next. The aim is to spark enthusiasm and curiosity about our oceans while developing a solid foundation of essential oceanography principles for students that decide to learn more.

The course incorporates weekly student presentations about a topic in oceanography guided by questions from the instructor. After student presentations, the instructor will lead further discussion and host an activity about the topic. The following subjects will be discussed:

  • Plate tectonics and ocean floor features
  • Chemical oceanography
  • Ocean & atmosphere – the Earth’s energy budget
  • Currents, Waves and Tides
  • Coastal and Continental Shelf habitats
  • Open water habitats
  • The Deep Ocean
  • Marine Engineering

The oceans are vast in size and in things to study. No matter your child’s interests, there will be something in this course for them!

About the instructor

Courtney is a senior at Stanford University studying marine biology and ocean engineering. She has a passion for education and experience teaching ocean science to a variety of ages in person and online. In her future, she aspires to build technology that will explore and restore ocean habitats, and she is enthusiastic about inspiring a new generation of ocean scientists!