Summer 2022 Spark Sessions


As a means of staying responsive to the needs and desires of students, we've historically solicited input to help guide course topics and offerings. This summer we're taking things a step further and hosting Spark Session events where interested students can collaborate with peers to brainstorm and define course ideas for the fall semester.

Why participate?

We know that engaging students as active participants in class requires that they feel the content and experience are relevant and interesting. These sessions are an opportunity for them to take an active role in the process of defining learning opportunities that they want to be involved in.

Session details

Students ages 12 and above are invited to attend a free, one hour session. Each of the following sessions will follow the same facilitation structure:

  • June 16th at 5pm (Central time)
  • June 21st at 5pm (Central time)
  • June 29th at noon (Central time)

Students can use Calendly to sign up for a session based upon their schedule.

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